Fundamentals: Barbering Coursebooks



PLEASE READ: Digital seat is not included. If you attend a school that uses the Pivot Point Fundamentals curriculum, please contact your school for student pricing.  

ISBN: 978-1-940593-95-1 

Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering is a comprehensive education library designed to help learners pass the licensure test to become industry-ready professional barbers. Students will be able to transform the information they need into learning that deepens meaning and relevance.  

Students will explore 13 areas of study, containing 100 theory lessons and 60 workshops.  


Progressive Design in a Magazine-Style Layout  

  • Invites the learner to learn 
  • Eases reading burden with streamlined text 
  • Expands understanding with carefully crafted words to say more, with less 
  • Communicate remembered messages with large, stunning visuals

Social Collaboration Exercises 

  • Promotes a culture of belonging 
  • Encourages learners to “speak up” about learning topics 
  • Increases interaction and engagement 
  • Makes sharing information easier 


  • Prepares learners for the “real world” 
  • Makes important, what’s important 
  • Helps keep the future in mind 

Expanded Care and Safety Section 

  • Builds awareness of client and expectations in the shop 
  • Refines workplace skills 

Life Skills Feature Professional Skills 

  • Teaches resilience, commitment and persistence that help build sustainable careers
  • Focuses attention on respect and integrity

The Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Coursebook takes learners through theory and workshops to prepare for and successfully complete the written and practical licensure exams to gain entry-level employment. It’s written in an easy-to-read, learner-friendly format, providing them with a lifetime reference for fundamental areas of barbering.

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