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Building a Greener Future

Sustainability is more than just a word for us; it’s a pledge. From our product development to the manufacturing process, we are committed to finding innovative and eco-friendly solutions that minimize our impact on the planet. Our mission is to make meaningful contributions to the beauty industry, which is why we’ve joined forces with industry advocates to develop resources to kickstart your sustainability journey.

Our journey began in the 1970s with the launch of an eco-friendly mannequin product line. Over time, we meticulously scrutinized each component, opting for those that align with our sustainability ethos as we evolved this product and launched a second eco-friendly solution, emphasizing our commitment to reducing landfill waste from traditional foamed mannequins. Every choice was a step toward reducing our environmental footprint.

But sustainability is just that, a journey. Our sustainable business practices help us continue to prioritize green initiatives and foster a culture of environmental responsibility among our team. Together, we can create change towards a more sustainable future.

Green Beauty Community Guidebook


Explore sustainable practices from product knowledge to waste management in this comprehensive guidebook.

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" Never compromise integrity, ethics, or doing what is right. "
Leo Passage, Pivot Point Founder
Leo Passage Pivot Point Founder
Green Beauty Community


Partnering with the Green Beauty Community – including their sustainability guide, we look to empower salon professionals and businesses to make informed decisions about their environmental impact. This vibrant platform connects individuals and brands sharing a passion for clean and sustainable beauty; inspiring, educating and celebrating beauty while respecting our planet.

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Green Circle Salon


Green Circle Salons help salons, spas and schools be their sustainable best - building revenue, gaining clients, and saving money in a way that’s ethical and simple. We partner with Green Circle Salons to support their mission and create a more sustainable mannequin ecosystem.

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In 1976, our founder, Leo Passage, invented the first ever Slip-On mannequin. This innovation allowed stylists to use one single headform with a variety of hair lengths, colors, and textures, and marks our crucial first step toward creating more eco-friendly solutions.

Slip-On Mannequin Invention


In 2005, the first iteration of Snap Cap was introduced—an eco-friendly mannequin that helps reduce waste and save space. Designed with hollow headforms and replaceable caps, this product eliminated the foam fill inside a traditional mannequin.

Snap Cap Mannequin Invention


In 2017, we introduced the next generation of Snap Cap, Snap Cap 2. The new iteration of the eco-friendly foamless alternative to traditional mannequins is much easier to use through engineering enhancements, without sacrificing the high-quality hair students and professionals have come to expect from Pivot Point.

Snap Cap 2 by Pivot Point
Slip-On Mannequins


Revitalized with a sleek closure, our innovative Slip-On Series presents a cost-effective solution ideal for students mastering their skills or workshop settings. Interchangeable masks slip onto one universal headform, saving space and reducing waste.

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Cap Series Mannequins


Revolutionizing since 2005, our caps have transformed for enhanced usability. Featuring interchangeable caps and one reusable headform in various tones, our Cap Series offers boundless creativity. Tailored for all skill levels, it’s a lifelong tool that reduces environmental impact while still providing a premium experience.

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