Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Exam Prep Book

Fundamentals: Barbering Exam Prep Book



PLEASE READ: Digital seat is not included. If you attend a school that uses the Pivot Point Fundamentals curriculum, please contact your school for student pricing.

The Pivot Point Fundamentals: Barbering Exam Prep Book is a small, powerful print tool designed to prepare learners directly for the licensure exam. Comprised of 18 practice tests subdivided by subject, this valuable guide helps learners identify what they know and still need to know. Closely mimicking the professional licensure exams, test questions use similar industry terminology and styles to help students be better prepared. The exam prep also contains a final exam of 100 questions that covers the entire coursebook, as well as answer keys for all tests in the back of the book. In addition, a section titled, “Did You Know?” provides summary statements organized by practice test that incorporate the correct answer to every question, providing a great source for reviewing key points.

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