Revive Trend Collection

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REVIVE is a love letter to ourselves and the world around us. In a time of great political division and differing opinions, we acknowledge the need, more than ever, for empathy and compassion.

Over the past years our feeling of losing control has grown, and as a reaction, more and more people have been trying to take back control where they can. Healthy eating – vegetarian and vegan, more time for playing sports and being in nature, and actively taking care of our mental health are all on the rise in order to find the right balance, our personal balance. 

Analyzing dreams, astrology and a renewed interest in spirituality – not connected to religion, all indicate that more and more people are searching for new experiences, searching for a positive future. 

With this search for balance comes the nostalgia for the good old days. Nicely wrapped soaps and shampoos, “old style” packaging, relaunches of Disney movies, hand-crafted beers, and vintage patterns in our clothes and furniture all aim to make us feel warm and comfortable.
Consumers want emotions and connection more than products. 

In fashion, we can see how this search is translated towards the heritage brands. There is a renewed interest in folklore, which is expressed through the use of color and clothing design. Reliving old times – but rather than repeating old times, we shake them up with new forms of
art. We want to maintain part of our traditions, but we understand there is a need to relaunch them in a fresh way in order to develop a new future. Vibrant colors revive historical prints and designs, adding depth to our understanding of the past as we interpret it for the present. 

With REVIVE, Pivot Point launches its 2020 collection. An expressive color pallet with roots in the ’70s but redesigned for 2020!

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