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Introducing “Emergence,” a visionary collection of hairstyles that redefine the boundaries of creativity and resilience. Crafted for those who strive to be true artists, this collection embraces the latest trends while encouraging a personalized approach to showcase your unique skills. “Emergence” is not just about following trends; it’s a celebration of adaptation and new ways of expression.

Each hairstyle in this collection represents a unique way of overcoming obstacles, offering a canvas for hairstylists to experiment with fresh ideas. From inventive cuts to imaginative color palettes, “Emergence” invites hairstylists to find inspiration during change and emerge stronger as artists.

Program Look Book includes step-by-step technical workshops with notes and video, easily accessible through the free Pivot Point AR app.


Nadine’s beautiful, long lengths are perfect for showcasing long hair designs. Her ideal density and implantation create sleek designs with an increased form that emulates realistic styles worn today.

Best Use Case

  • Haircutting
  • Thermal Styling (Max 350°F)
  • Color Deposit
  • Off-Scalp Lightening
  • Perming
  • Long Hair Design


  • Name: Nadine
  • Head Size: Medium
  • Hair Type: Human
  • Hair Color: Medium-Dark
  • Hair Texture: Straight
  • Hair Length: Front 12″ – Back 18″
  • Form: Increase

Ethical Manufacturing: SA8000® Certified
The SA8000 Standard, established by SAI and one of the world’s preeminent social standards, is a tool for implementing international labor standards to protect workers along each step of the supply chain.

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