7-Pc. Bohn Comb Set

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Developed exclusively for Pivot Point, Bohn Combs are hand-crafted out of a special acrylic material to withstand excessive heat with no warping or cracking. Chemical-resistant and static-free, these quality combs have smooth, rounded teeth that won’t catch or rip hair, ensuring hair designers create the looks that satisfy clients.

Set Includes:

  • 7″ Bohn Cutting Comb
  • 10″ Bohn Texture Comb
  • 8″ Bohn Molding Comb
  • 8″ Bohn Texture Comb
  • 9″ Bohn Tail I Comb
  • 9″ Bohn Tail II Comb
  • 12″ Bohn Tail III Comb

“It instantly became one of my favorites for updo’s and natural-finish looks. I’ve won many gold medals using it. No other comb creates the depth and texture needed for my winning styles with such ease and speed.” – William De Ridder, hairdressing champion and award-winning owner of the Academy William De Ridder International Bruges, Belgium

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