Sugarlash PRO Announces Official Partnership with Pivot Point International

June 09th, 2022

Sugarlash PRO and Pivot Point announced a new partnership today marking a monumental move in the eyelash industry. Pivot Point is a global-leading educational resource dedicated to offering progressive education to licensed academies around the world. Leading the way in delivering education in new ways, the partnership seemed like a no-brainer for Sugarlash CEO, Courtney Buhler.

“It’s always been the mission of Sugarlash PRO to get lash education into more bonafide long-standing academy curriculums. It always seemed like a missed opportunity to me when estheticians and cosmetologists would need to seek out a lash course after their original education. Integrating a lash curriculum into the initial education of artists just makes sense to me.” Buhler says.

Sugarlash PRO & Pivot Point International

With the lash industry demand rising to all-time highs, with no sign of slowing down it’s now being accepted that lash services aren’t a trend or a niche and are here to stay. “Sugarlash PRO’s mission and vision is to progress the lash industry forward and develop it into the concrete industry that we already know it has become.” Says Buhler.

This past year according to a North American consumer report, more women are now receiving lash services than other services like waxing, nails, and facials. Likely due to the fact that the eyes are one thing that every single person you meet will look at. Defining and framing that ultimate feature is imperative to a woman’s confidence. Sugarlash PRO, of course, takes lash artistry one step further with the only styling-specific course in the market to solely focus on facial balancing and trend-setting effects (LashSTYLE).

Sugarlash PRO & Pivot Point International

Pivot Point has also committed to distributing Sugarlash kits, manuals, marketing supplies and more to support the partnership. A “Train the Trainer” program is available for academies wishing to become an Official Partner Academy — with everything needed to make their hands-on practical days a success.

“At the end of the day — this is a huge step forward for the lash industry and for Sugarlash PRO. Knowing how insanely successful lash services are, and knowing we have the globally leading education and can now get it into licensed schools means the world to me.” Buhler says. “This partnership with Pivot Point is a huge moment for us all and I’m honored that Pivot Point saw how huge of an opportunity lashes truly are.”

For academy inquiries please email


Pivot Point Announces New Marketing Lead

March 31st, 2022


Pivot Point International, the professional beauty industry’s premier educational resource, announces that Steve Reiss has joined their team as Executive Director, Strategic Marketing & Business Insights. Steve will be responsible for driving awareness and adoption of data-driven products and services that purposefully engage and support beauty professionals and will report directly to Kevin Cameron, Senior Vice President, Education, Marketing & Business Development.

Previously, Steve has led marketing and communications at companies in electronics, packaging, commercial woodworking, and professional beauty, managing websites, conferences and trade shows, research, custom content, and award-winning social media and cause marketing campaigns. In beauty, Steve has been a passionate

industry advocate and agent of change focused on elevating our industry through data and technology. Steve was involved in the hard launch of SalonInteractive, the leading supply chain and eCommerce platform for salons and stylists and, at Modern Salon Media, he championed salon industry data and technology awareness, education, and adoption, developing much of the industry’s critical research and creating the industry’s first technology events – the Data-Driven Salon Summit and the Salon Digital Summit. Steve attended the University of Virginia and is a recent graduate of Northwestern University’s Data Science and Visualization program.

“We are confident that Steve’s foundation in data science and his strategic marketing experience will allow Pivot Point to continue to lead innovation in beauty education services,” said Robert Passage, Pivot Point Chairman & CEO.

Steve’s LinkedIn Profile

Pivot Point For All

PIVOT POINT INTERNATIONAL, INC. | 8725 West Higgins Road | Suite 700 | Chicago, IL 60631 | 847-866-0500


Why Stylists Love Pivot Point Training Heads

December 20th, 2021

When looking for hair education tools, it’s important to ensure you find a product that offers the best quality. There is nothing more frustrating than having your skills held back by tools that don’t make the cut!

So, here at Salons Direct we always make sure that we are bringing you leading training equipment and hair supplies – including a brilliant range of Pivot Point training heads!

Click here to see some of our favourite stylist creations using Pivot Point!

What are Pivot Point Training Heads?

Pivot Point training heads are high-quality handmade mannequins that are perfect for both trainee hairdressers and stylists looking to learn some new techniques – or just practice some old ones!

They feature 100% human hair which has achieved an SA8000 certification. This ensures all hair used is ethically produced in sanctioned conditions which fully guards against any unfair practices, pays fair wages, provides health insurance and provides a safe and healthy working environment.

The Pivot Point range includes an array of hairstyles, with varying lengths and colours to choose from. Unlike some other training heads on the market, Pivot Point’s hair length is measured with a 90-degree projection to give a more realistic idea of the length – rather than simply measuring from crown to tip.

Pivot Point Mannequin Hair Measurements

We asked Pivot Point to give us some more information on how to use their training heads…

What makes Pivot Point heads different from other training heads on the market?

There are a combination of factors that make Pivot Point a really great product. We use premium quality hair that is processed slowly to produce the desired colour while maintaining natural elasticity and shine. It is then hand-implanted at natural angles to ensure it is as realistic as possible. We use more holes per cm2 with fewer hairs for a better density distribution, too.

In addition, we like to be honest about the hair we use. Many of our competitors simply state they use ‘natural hair’ – which could be from any animal! We are always open about when we use human hair vs animal hair – in fact, the goat hair we use is actually stronger than human hair and allows for more vibrant colouring!

Can colour and heat tools be used on all your Pivot Point training heads?

Yes. Apart from Peggy B, which is part synthetic, all the mannequins we sell in the UK are either 100% human, 100% goat hair or a mixture of both. Always read and follow the instructions that come with the mannequins.

Do you have any tips on how to best take care of your Pivot Point Training Heads?

We always advise that our mannequins are treated like humans. Humans can say ‘ouch’ but mannequins cannot!

  • Wash and condition the mannequins hair using good quality products. Rinse with warm/cool water.
  • Use styling products and heat protecting products when normally used.
  • Wash regularly to avoid a build up of hair spray and other products that could cause the hair to be dry and could therefore create more pull on the hair
  • On the long hair mannequins, gradually brush through from the tip first, moving up the hair to avoid excessive pull on the hair.
  • Always do a strand test before colouring

Do you have any advice for stylists on how to choose a training head to suit their needs? 

Most people tend to look for longer hair than they really need. The longer hair is exponentially more costly and is too often simply too heavy and long to work with compared to real clients.

Ask yourself this:

  • Do I need 40cm length hair for haircutting? Or will a premium quality mannequin with top quality hair of 30 cm length, with natural density and low implantation angles enable me to comfortably do 4-6 distinctly different haircuts?
  • Do I need to practice long hair updo’s on mannequins with 50cm length, which doesn’t reflect 99% of the customers I have in the salon?

May 22, 2020 | SalonsDirect


Announcing the Pivot Point + CourseKey Integration

November 16th, 2021

CourseKey is thrilled to integrate with Pivot Point. This partnership helps beauty and wellness programs streamline operations by eliminating manual grades entry, giving administrators more time to focus on students. 

About the Pivot Point Integration

The CourseKey + Pivot Point integration enables career colleges to easily transfer exam grades from Pivot Point into leading student information systems. With this integration, Pivot Point users eliminate manual data entry and can view SAP components in one place.

Key Features

Reduce administrative burden—Grades are transferred from Pivot Point into the SIS without manual data entry, eliminating inconsistencies, increasing operational efficiency, and empowering staff to focus on retention.

Streamline attendance—Pivot Point users can take on-ground attendance with CourseKey’s Face/Fingerprint ID, QR-code, or soundwave technology. Attendance data is transferred to the SIS with no manual data entry required.

Complete visibility for staff—Administrators can see a campus-wide overview of total time awarded (theory and practical), student skills progression, and detailed time reports by students. Data visualization helps administrators quickly determine if intervention is required.

Complete visibility for students—CourseKey gives students visibility into their total hours, skills progression, grades, and remaining hours, empowering them to adjust their time to satisfy the requirements for graduation.

Pivot Point CourseKey Integration

Why We Built This

“Beauty and wellness schools have been stuck with manual processes around data entry for far too long. This approach creates challenges for both the students and the institutions,” said Luke Sophinos, founder and CEO of CourseKey. “This integration automates the grades transfer process from the LMS to the SIS for administrators while empowering students with better visibility into their educational journey. We are excited to see how impactful it can be for our partners!”

November 16, 2021 | CourseKey


Pivot Point Challenges the Status Quo | Hair Love Retreat

August 13th, 2019



Ok babes… Pivot Point is the real MVP! Their mannequins are our go-to for our Hair Love Retreat event! They have been a leader in the hair education industry for over 55 years and their core is rooted in their people. They care about the quality of their products and facilities, their employees and their customers!

Hair Love Retreat Mannequin Work

So… Why should you #lookforthetag?

Pivot Point promises that their products are the best quality and are held to the highest standards, and it all starts in manufacturing. They not only care about the sources of their products, but how they are being made.


This is why you can find the SA8000 TAG on all of their hair manufactured products. The SA8000 certification solidifies their commitment to human rights by guarding against the use of child and forced labor, discrimination and unfair disciplinary practices, working hours and compensation. They promise that all of their mannequins are manufactured in facilities that abide by these ethical practices.


–Leo Passage (Founder of PivotPoint)

This is why they started the #LOOKFORTHETAG campaign. This campaign encourages anyone in the industry to abide by these standards! When you see the SA8000 tag on a mannequin, you are assured that the manufacturing facility meets high standards for working conditions.

Check out this video to learn more about the SA8000 Standard and the impact that it has on those people’s lives who are working for Pivot Point!

Hair Love Retreat Mannequin Work 3

So WHY does this all matter? WHY should you care?

We’re all here to support each other and Pivot Point has made it a goal to provide their employees with the best working conditions and the end users with the best product. What’s not to love?


Hair Love Retreat Mannequin Work 2


Pivot Point mannequins were used at several of our education classes at our Hair Love Retreat! They stole the show at our paint party, Laced Hair Extensions, and haircutting workshops!

We are SO grateful to have Pivot Point be apart of our tribe and for their passion in creating amazing products, all while maintaining the highest industry standards!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Pivot Point!

August 13, 2019 | Hair Love Retreat



April 11th, 2019

Furthering its dedication to serving the beauty industry with top-of-the-line beauty tools and education, ERGO Styling Tools just announced its new strategic partnership with Pivot Point International, Inc.

Pivot Point is considered the world leader in developing and deploying educational content and teaching aids for future hair and beauty professionals.

With its robust portfolio of educational programs and tools, Pivot Point does an excellent job at supporting cosmetology and barbering students—enhancing their skills and creativity. This leads to confident, successful professionals who build sustainable careers in the hair and beauty industries. All that makes this partnership a perfect alignment with ERGO’s purpose.

With this new partnership, students and stylists alike will have more options to utilize the best tools and education in the industry.

Hair and beauty schools are at the beginning of many successful careers, and the leadership of Pivot Point has inspired me to collaborate with them to give students a head start to a healthier, longer and more prosperous career. With our shared goal of graduating better “finishers” and communicators, the ERGO team is proud to affirm that cosmetology and barbering schools and salons and shops worldwide will benefit in many new ways from the collaboration between Pivot Point and ERGO Styling Tools,” said Robert Reed, founder and owner of ERGO Styling Tools.

As part of our corporate mission, we are dedicated to fostering the growth of sustainable careers in the hair and beauty industries. Our partnership with ERGO Styling Tools goes hand-in-hand with that mission and assists us in providing quality tools that will enable our graduates to acquire career longevity,” said Robert Passage, CEO of Pivot Point International.

April 11, 2019 | Estetica


Pivot Point Offers New Fundamentals: Barbering Online Curriculum

March 15th, 2019

The lightning speed at which barbering has undergone its recent revamp means education couldn’t always quite keep pace—but things are changing. Enter Pivot Point’s newly launched Fundamentals: Barbering online undergraduate curriculum, specifically tailored for today’s generation of men’s groomers. To conceive it, top Pivot Point members first spent time researching the barbering industry, consulting tonsorial experts throughout the U.S., U.K. and Canada, and learning about the craft’s rich history. “It was important to respect the many cultural aspects that make barbering a dynamic field,” shares Sabine Held-Perez, Senior Director of Education Innovation. Yet Pivot Point likewise wanted its revamped education to keep pace with today’s trends—especially the ever-evolving whims of consumers. “Current clients expect to feel pampered during services, and to be able to recreate the same looks at home,” explains Held-Perez. Further, the course requires a systematic approach to teaching, where students master the technical base needed to consistently achieve predicted results by design, rather than by chance.

Such intentionality is part of what it means to be a 21st-century learner. “Students prefer to actively discover information, rather than have it told to them,” Held-Perez reveals. “They enjoy collaborating with peers for recognition and expect to do it all via digital devices.”

Pivot Point’s program reflects these paradigm shifts, consisting of online activities, discussion groups and mini quizzes that provide instant feedback while making training social. Text is concise, written in language that sounds like conversation between colleagues as opposed to one-way lectures. “Every learner graduates with the foundational knowledge, design skills and consultation experience necessary for long-term barbering success,” enthuses Held-Perez.

The Basics:13 Areas of Course Study

• Life Skills
• Science
• Business
• Client-Centered Design
• Foundational Cuts
• Tapered Cuts and Fades
• Style
• Shaving and Beard Design
• Hair Replacement
• Color
• Perm and Relax
• Skin
• Nails

Meet the Masters

Five top experts played a hand in developing Fundamentals: Barbering.

Sofie Pok: Advised on transitioning from cosmetology to barbering, plus how to work with hair that’s longer on top—an area in which many barbers feel challenged.

Chris Foster: Brought traditional British tress perspectives, plus classic design and grooming styles.

Anthony Giannotti: Lent entrepreneurial knowledge gleaned from running his two barbershops, along with stellar flat-top skills.

Martin Truong: Shared business insight as it relates to planning for profitability.

Roderick Samuels: Ensured lessons were applicable to undergrads.

March 15, 2019 | Beauty Launchpad


Pivot Point Launches New Barbering Education Program, Fundamentals: Barbering

September 12th, 2018

With the world of barbering and men’s grooming continuing to rise in popularity, the need for great barbering education is more important than ever. Pivot Point decided to introduce its new program, Fundamentals: Barbering, as a way to challenge the status quo.

The creation of the program began with research alongside barbers and cutting experts from around the world. A team of Pivot Point educators collaborated with barbering experts including Sofie PokChris Foster and Anthony Giannotti as they developed the program.

The team knew they wanted to create a dynamic education. Although techniques, looks and equipment trends can change, Pivot Point still believed that professional barbers needed a solid technical foundation that would allow them to pick up skills quickly and with proficiency.

“We wanted to be sure that when we provided barbering education, it would totally surpass the expectations of the barbering community and meet the demands of today’s learners,” said Jennifer Eckstein, Pivot Point Sr. Director, Global Marketing and Business Development. “Because barbering education had not been presented differently in a very long time, Pivot Point’s focus is on the success of today’s generation of barbers, schools and the success of barber shop owners everywhere.”

Among the insights incorporated into Pivot Point’s Fundamentals: Barbering was the realization that although barbering is a craft for cutting, dressing, grooming, trimming, styling and shaving, it is also an art form and culture that strives for perfection, artistry, individualism and technique. These aspects can be challenging to those wanting become a barber.

The program follows a process that promoted exploration, engagement, experience and expansion. It also aims to help build the students’ self-esteem so they can connect their skills to what will be expected once they’re in the barbershop. The program is designed so that the students will know how to be resourceful and creative in their businesses.

In addition to these life lessons, Fundamentals: Barbering will cover a variety of areas including science, business education, client-centered design, foundational cuts, taper cuts and fades, style, shaving and beard design.

September 12, 2018 | Modern Salon

Memo Exclusive: Pivot Point Promotes Rights

November 03rd, 2017

A leader in hair and beauty education for more than half a century, Pivot Point International is now a pioneer in a different field of education—creating awareness in the beauty industry about social accountability standards. The company’s campaign, “Look for the Tag,” launches November 2017, and is supported by a video detailing how purchasing decisions impact laborers’ working conditions globally.

Look for the Tag
Four years ago, Pivot Point took the initiative of acquiring SA8000 certification on all of its manufactured hair products. Established by Social Accountability International (SAI), SA8000 ensures Pivot Point mannequins are manufactured in a facility that:
• Guards against forced and child labor.
• Provides the workers with a healthy and safe working
• Respects the rights of workers to join unions.
• Practices zero tolerance for discrimination.

The “Look for the Tag” campaign encourages beauty professionals in all areas of the industry to make this type of certification a priority. When you see the SA8000 tag on a mannequin, you are assured that the manufacturing facility meets high standards for working conditions.

“As the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know,” says Pivot Point Chairman and CEO Robert Passage. “Pivot Point had a longstanding relationship with a manufacturer in China, and didn’t question the working conditions there until one of our customers asked us to sign an affidavit stating that we manufactured our mannequins in an ethical manner. At that time, we could not sign that statement. So we stalled all of our manufacturing while we investigated. Not long after, we were able to have all of our hair product manufacturing certified. When that customer audited us, we passed with flying colors and signed the affidavit.”

Right Way to do Business
The documentary video, which runs less than 15 minutes and will be posted at and shown across the industry, shows footage from the plant where Pivot Point mannequins are produced.

“Our new facility is modern and comfortable,” adds Brandon Passage, Hair Product Manager. “When we visited, we could tell that the workers were happy and had a wonderful work/life balance.”

Industry Voices Speak Out
The video also presents interviews with industry leaders and top hairdressers who use Pivot Point mannequins. Sam Villa, Eden Sassoon, Christopher Dove, John Simpson and other top names give their reasons for making ethical working conditions a priority. Villa also asks a question that others may be thinking: Why not manufacture hair mannequins in the United States?

“We’ve been trying to produce the very best mannequins in the market for the past 50 years,” Robert Passage explains. “Our mannequins are all produced by hand—the hairs implanted one at a time. A mannequin can take many hours to produce.”

In other words, the cost to produce mannequins in the U.S. would be prohibitive to stylists being able to use them.

Getting Certified
That level of labor was among the reasons Pivot Point chose SAI for the certification process.

“When any product is labor-intensive and a company is using offshore labor, SAI is a great place to start because it’s focused on the workforce,” Passage says. “As an industry leader, we continue to work hard to make ethical business decisions. Our moral compass must continually guide decision-making, including our commitment to operate ethically and lead with integrity. I encourage all manufacturers to look into certification, because it’s the right thing to do.”

November 3, 2017 | Modern Salon


Sponsor Spotlight: Pivot Point’s “Look for the Tag” Campaign

November 01st, 2017

MODERN SALON’s Healthy Hairdresser is a year-round program to encourage salon professionals to take care of themselves in body, spirit and business and is supported by generous sponsors: Beauty Changes Lives, Cosmetologists Chicago/America’s Beauty Show, CosmoProf, Matrix, Malibu C, Obliphica Professional, Pivot Point, Smart Step, Sola Salon Studios, Sport Clips and Ulta Beauty.

This November, Healthy Hairdresser sponsor Pivot Point International launches “Look for the Tag,” a campaign to raise awareness about human rights and the company’s commitment to social accountability standards.

The initiative encourages salon professionals to look for the special SA8000 certification tag on Pivot Point mannequins and to watch a documentary featuring footage from the company’s manufacturing facility in China along with interviews of salon industry leaders Sam Villa, Eden SassoonNick Stenson, Christopher Dove, John Simpson and others discussing what human rights mean to them.

The SA8000 tag indicates compliance with international labor integrity standards established by Social Accountability International (SAI), ensuring that Pivot Point mannequins are manufactured in a facility that:

• Guards against forced and child labor
• Provides the workers with a healthy and safe working environment
• Respects the rights of workers to join unions
• Practices zero tolerance for discrimination

“The SA8000 certification affords our partners the confidence that our educational hair goods are produced in sanctioned conditions,” says Chairman and CEO Robert Passage. “My father, Leo Passage, who founded Pivot Point, often said, ‘People are at the core of our business.’ Our moral compass must continually guide decision-making, including our commitment to lead with integrity.”

Also appearing in the video is Leila Janah, founder of Samasource, a social enterprise that helps people lift themselves out of poverty through digital work. “I believe that the best way to change the world happens long before you think about donating to charity,” Janah says. “It happens when you make your decision as a purchaser.”

Salon pros can look for the video in November at and, then look for the tag, and let clients and colleagues know you, too, care about workers’ rights.

November 1, 2017 | Modern Salon

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