Textured Hair Mannequins by Pivot Point

Embrace the Diversity: Meet Our Mannequins with Textured Hair

February 19th, 2024

Have You Met Our Mannequins?

In the ever-evolving world of hairdressing, staying ahead of the game requires continuous learning and mastering of diverse techniques. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a budding stylist, having the right tools is essential for honing your skills. At Pivot Point, we take pride in introducing our remarkable mannequins with the most extensive range of textured hair, offering a realistic and diverse platform for schools and professionals to practice and perfect their craft.

The Steaming Process

What sets our mannequins apart is the meticulous steaming process that their hair undergoes. Unlike traditional methods that involve harsh chemicals, our technique ensures the creation of varying hair textures without compromising the quality of the hair. This commitment to a chemical-free process guarantees that the hair retains its natural strength and shine, providing a realistic canvas for hairstylists to work on.

A World of Curl Patterns

At Pivot Point, we believe in celebrating the beauty of all hair types. Our mannequins boast an impressive range of curl patterns, from the subtle waves to the tightest coils. This diversity enables professionals and students alike to learn, practice, and build confidence in working with a wide array of hair textures. Gone are the days of limiting your expertise to a specific type of hair – our mannequins open up a world of possibilities for embracing and mastering the art of curls.

Realistic Results

The goal of any hairstylist is to achieve realistic and stunning results for their clients. With our textured hair mannequins, this goal becomes more achievable than ever. The life-like quality of the hair, coupled with the diverse textures, ensures that practicing on our mannequins translates seamlessly into real-world applications. Professionals can refine their techniques and experiment with different styles, knowing that the results will be as authentic as if they were working with a client.

Educational Empowerment

For educational institutions, our mannequins become invaluable tools in grooming the next generation of hairstylists. By providing a diverse range of textured hair options, educators can create a more inclusive learning environment. Students graduate with the confidence and expertise to cater to a wide spectrum of clients, regardless of their hair type.

Texture Starts Here

Pivot Point is proud to present a revolution in the world of hairdressing education with our mannequins featuring the most extensive range of textured hair. Through a commitment to a chemical-free steaming process, a celebration of diverse curl patterns, and a dedication to realistic results, our mannequins stand as the ultimate tools for professionals and students alike. Embrace the beauty of curls, refine your skills, and step into a world of endless possibilities with our textured hair mannequins. Explore and shop our full lineup of textured hair mannequins.

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