Gone are the days of lengthy chapters that are extremely difficult to fit into your customized curriculum flow. Fundamentals is structured in small, modularized lessons. This modular approach offers more flexibility, as it relates to curriculum planning and placing the necessary lessons within a program’s learning path.

This program consists of 13 areas of study, containing 106 theory lessons and 68 workshops. 

When incorporating Fundamentals into LAB, the student experience comes to life. Each of these small modules can be placed within the student’s learning path and assigned to a class. Within the modules are multiple activities that will:
>> Allow for collaboration
>> Inspire deeper thinking
>> Provide support for multiple learning styles
>> Reinforce need-to-know information
>> Earn points for completed modules


Progressive Design in a Magazine Style Layout

  • Invites the learner to learn
  • Eases reading burden with streamlined text
  • Expands understanding with carefully crafted words to say more, with less
  • Communicates remembered messages with large, stunning visuals

Social Collaboration Exercises

  • Promotes a culture or community of belonging
  • Encourages learners to “speak up” about learning topics
  • Increases interaction and engagement
  • Makes sharing information easier

Salon Connection Sidebars

  • Prepares learners for the “real world”
  • Makes important, what’s important
  • Helps keep the future in mind

Expanded Care and Safety Section

  • Builds awareness of client and expectations in the salon
  • Refines workplace skills

Life Skills Feature Professional Skills

  • Teaches resilience, commitment and persistence that help build sustainable careers
  • Focuses attention on respect and integrity