Competiton 2016 - 2017 Listings

SkillsUSA 2016
52nd Annual National Leadership and Skills Conference
Louisville, KY (USA)
June 20 – 24, 2016

2016 OMC Europe Cup
Paris, France
September 11-12, 2016

ASEAN Skills Competition
ASEAN Skills 2016

11th Asean Skills Competition
Kuala Lumpar
September 19 – 29, 2016

EuroSkills Competition
EuroSkills 2016
Gotenborg, Sweden
November 25 – December 2, 2016

OMC Competitions
2017 OMC HairWorld
Paris, France
September 17-18, 2017

WorldSkills Competition
WorldSkills 2017
44 WorldSkills Competition
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
October 14 – 19, 2017


Skills USA 2016

Competitions – SkillsUSA

52nd Annual National Leadership & Skills Conference (NLSC)

Cosmetology SkillsUSA National Championships 2016

SkillsUSA Championship offers students of career and technical education the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership and hands-on occupational skills and receive recognition for their achievement. Winners advance from local competitions to district and /or state championships and finally to the national Skills USA Championship in Louisville, Kentucky at the end of June each year.

Nationals Schedule at a Glance

SkillsUSA 2016
Tuesday, June 21st

12:00 pm 

Committee Meeting

1:00 pm 

Registration for contestants

1:15 pm 

Welcome, introduction of conference team, sponsors and judges, WorldSkills update

1:30 pm 

Orientation and review of contest rules

2:30 pm 

Written Test - Secondary
Oral Test - Post Secondary
Fill out sketch sheets for long hair color

3:00 pm 

Written Test - Post Secondary
Oral Test –Secondary

4:00 pm 

On-site visit


Thursday, June 23rd

8:00 am 

Registration (Kit check)

8:30 am 


8:45 am 

Long Hair Overview

9:00 am 

Long Hair (1 hour)

10:00 am 

Judge Long Hair Design

10:30 am 

Women's Cut and Design Overview

10:45 am 

Women's Cut and Design (45 minutes)

11:30 am 

Judge Women's Cut and Design



12:30 pm 

Women's 90-degree Cut and Design Overview - Secondary
Men's Cut and Design Overview – Postsecondary

12:45 pm 

Women's 90-Degree Cut and Design (45 minutes) - Secondary
Men's Cut and Design Overview – Postsecondary

1:30 pm 

Judge Women's 90-Degree Cut and Design - Secondary
Judge Men's Cut and Design Overview – Postsecondary

2:00 pm 

Women's 90-Degree Cut and Design Overview - Postsecondary
Men's Cut and Design – Secondary

2:15 pm 

Women's 90-Degree Cut and Design (45 minutes) - Postsecondary
Men's Cut and Design (45 minutes) – Secondary

3:00 pm 

Judge Women's 90-Degree Cut and Design - Postsecondary
Judge Men's Cut and Design – Secondary

3:30 pm 

Grand finale parade

Final introduction of judges, committee members and sponsors


4:00 pm 

Debriefing with Judges


Contest Instructions

The technical committee will supply mannequins and holders.  No make-up, eyelashes, jewelry or hair accessories are allowed on mannequins. The long hair mannequin will be sent before the competition as soon as your state director forwards the student's name to SkillsUSA. The long hair mannequin should be pre-colored prior to the competition and brought to Louisville.
If this changes in any given year, contestants will be told in advance to bring their own mannequins and holders.

Orientation Meeting – Written & Oral Tests
Orientation meeting, written & oral tests are conducted on the Wednesday before the competition. All competitors must create a one-page résumé and submit a hard copy to the technical committee chair at orientation. Failure to do so will result in a 10-point penalty.


Note: Your contest may also require a hard copy of your résumé as part of the actual contest. Check the Contest Guidelines and/or the updates page on the SkillsUSA website:


The contest rules are reviewed as well as clothing requirements. Contestants will be escorted to contest site once the written test and oral communications test have been administered. Once contestants are familiar with the site and receive final instructions they will receive their gifts from the sponsors of the contest and will be free to leave for the day.


SkillsUSA Test: Used as a tie-breaker only. Subject matter-SkillsUSA Championships.

Parade Finale
Once the contest has been completed, contestants will be asked to provide some information to the commentator on a sheet of paper. Please type using 14-point typeface and print out the following information before arriving to SkillsUSA. Below is a sample:
City/State: "Chicago, IL" (sample)
State slogan: "The Land of Lincoln" (sample)
Contestant will be asked to select from their completed mannequins and present them to the audience and judges during the parade finale.

Announcement of Winners
1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners for Secondary and Post Secondary winners will not be announced until the Awards Ceremony. Sponsor prizes for these winners will be shipped to their home addresses compliments from the Technical Committee.

Uniform Layer (90-Degree) Haircut Procedure
Contestants must be able to duplicate a uniform layer (90-degree) haircut and design selected by the National Tech Committee. Contestant will style the hair with blow dryer and fingers only. Steps must be followed in the exact order.
Please also refer to the April 15th SkillsUSA Standards Update.
a. Time allotted - 45 minutes
b. 200 possible points - cut and blow dry will be scored
c. Tools assembled and station prepared
d. Create a four-section parting
e. Drop a hairline (perimeter) guide
f. Establish the design length around the back perimeter
g. Establish the design length around the front perimeter
h. Establish the interior guide at the top of the head (apex, crown)
i. Continue cutting guideline to front hairline
j. Continue cutting guideline from crown to nape
k. Use vertical partings to blend top guide to design line
l. Maintain a constant 90-degree elevation throughout the procedure
m. Follow a traveling guide to maintain uniformly layered lengths
n. Perform a cross check of procedure for accuracy
o. Check perimeter guideline and finish as necessary
p. Finished cut is uniformly blended

q. Blow hair dry to frame face
r. Clean and organize station


All of the following images below will be selected for the Cuts and Style contest at Nationals

Request Technical PDF Below.



Request Technical PDF Below.


Mannequins that will be used at Nationals:

1.   Ladies': Burmax – Sam ll (Item # S153)

2.   Men's: Marianna

3.   Long Hair: Pivot Point – Nadine (Code: MMMIC3ML-XLLW)

      (Medium head size, Chinese hair, Increase layered form – 12 inches at front to 18 inches in the nape)



Request Technical PDF

To request a PDF file of the technical for the ladies cut please provide the following information.

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